Written by: admin
6/7/2008 1:05 AM

It seems that nowadays achieving and maintaining the correct BMI (Body Mass Index), total body fat percentage and optimum muscle to fat ratios are all that the tabloids and glossy magazines are interested in. There is a constant message purveyed by the ‘popular’ publications of how we should and should want to live. In cahoots are the television production companies offering various programmes which show and tell us what to do in order to achieve a certain look, body size, shape and weight so that we allow ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle in both body and mind. Great; but with so many different approaches being constantly offered to us through advertising and the media how are we to choose and begin a program which is suited to us, the individuals?

There are people (most of us) who approach weight control with a great degree of trepidation and rightly so; we are always being told that losing weight is no easy task and one must adopt the mindset of some sort of Olympian in order to achieve our goals, then another advert or magazine will say that all we need do is A,B and C and we will be slimmer in two or three weeks. So the conflicting messages inevitably will leave us unsure and disillusioned with the whole thing before we even start on a program to control our weight.

Whatever your reason for wanting to shed pounds if you would like to find out about positive ways to lose weight and control your calorific intake you can read our article on WEIGHT CONTROL. Then if you have any questions about what you have read, get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.