Weight Control

FVFL helped me loose weight

’For some years I have suffered from stiffness in my joints, clumsiness, bloating, fatigue, and a tendency to catch any bug or virus around. I could not lose weight even on a strict diet. As the years passed I felt worse until I felt irritable all the time and unable to carry out normal activities. I thought it must be my age as the symptoms I had did not fit any particular illness, I was resigned to being like this for the rest of my life. It was suggested I might have a food allergy and it seemed possible as I had other allergies.

I visited Savita at FVFL, was tested and found to be allergic to wheat and lemon as well as having a few chemicals in my system and a gut infection. My treatment consisted of a special diet, a course of tablets and treatment with the Bioresonance machine. After 3 weeks I felt wonderful, no stiffness, no bloating, and loads of energy. 3 months later I am a stone lighter, still feeling great and very grateful that I went to see = I have my life back!’

Ms M Deeble, Surrey

FVFL helped me to drink alcohol sensibly, control my weight , and improve my energy!

I contacted FVFL after finding the clinic on the internet. I had been binge drinking which was affecting my relationship and work. I wasn’t drinking every day, but when I had one drink it woud always lead onto another and another and another. I knew that I had to do something about it. I also wanted to improve my overall health which had been suffering due to the poor eating that followed my drinking binges.  I had also put on alot of weight and my energy levels were very low.

After the first two treatments I felt my energy improve and sugar cravings during the day were also much less. I was still craving drink but this was a little better than before.  After the third treatment I was controlling the drinking even more. I did not want to give up completely, just be able to manage it, have the odd pint and not worry about it. The specific diet I was following taught me to introduce a wider variety of foods into my diet and as a result I had lost half a stone. I was snacking on fruit instead of chocolate and having foods like a jacket potato and soups and salads instead of my usual supermarket sandwich.

The treatments really helped me to get on top of my cravings and by the end of my six sessions I could go to the pub, have one pint and then go home without feeling the need for more. I feel much more in control of my life and look forward to the future. 

Steve Bondy
FVFL helped me with my  

As a child I was always overweight whilst my sisters were thin. I remember going shopping for clothes with my mum and having to wear two sizes bigger for my age. Despite eating healthily and the same amount of food as everyone else I was always at least 1.5 stone overweight. Dieting never really helped as I would lose the weight in the short term but then pile it back on when the diet stopped. Eventually I got allergy tested at FVFL and discovered that I had food intolerances to dairy and wheat. I cut these foods out of my diet and without changing the amount of food or calories I ate, the weight just started to drop of steadily but surely. In the first few weeks I dropped half a stone, and after 6 months I had lost 2 stone with no extra effort. Not only that but I feel a lot healthier. My skin is glowing and my digestion improved. Thank you for all your continuing help and support.”

CS Brown –