FVFL working

FVFL supports ISHA Yoga charity by making regular donations.     Please visit www.ishayoga.org to see the extent of work that is being carried out by the volunteers of this organisation.

During your treatment at FVFL you may have been introduced to a simple guided meditation CD produced by . Through daily practice of meditation you can tap into your inner potential and stimulate the healing process. Since producing this CD Paul has found her enlightened master, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev who teaches a powerful, ancient yogic method to create harmony in the body, mind and emotions.

If you would like to learn more about meditation from an enlightened master please look up www.ishafoundation.org

Become an ambassador for FVFL

There are many FVFL clients who have benefited from our treatments and have now become ambassadors for spreading the word of how they have improved their health.   Why don’t you join our affiliate scheme where you can earn an award for your recommendations? Give us a call and register your name with us. For every referral that books and quotes your name we will offer you £20 for the first stop smoking or addiction appointment, and £10 for the first health appointment. 

Please call 0845 234 34343 to find out more details.