The best ways to get help for addiction during the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland

The rise in lockdown addictions

Whether your addiction is a result of the pandemic or not, it is important to get treatment for an addiction that is causing you to not function properly.

There was a rise in people who developed gaming, alcohol and drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More people were also likely to relapse during the lockdown as the restrictions had an impact on their ability to get face-to-face help for their addiction.

Whilst many rehab centres were closed or unable to take new patients, this led to addicts being told to go to a hospital. Hospitals were focusing on treating COVID-19 patients so they would be told that their ability to help them was small.

More people across the world were also using drugs while in lockdown. They believed it was a way for them to cope with the anxiety related to the pandemic, and also a method for them to ‘pass the time’

Access to help during the pandemic

Some rehab centres were temporarily closed or were unable to take new patients because of the possibility of staff and employees coming in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

Some rehab centres continued to provide online help and support for those struggling with addictions.

Despite the pandemic, it is still important for you to get help for your addiction.

You may have looked around for ones near you that have an effective admissions strategy that makes you feel safe about going there and have not found one.

Castle Craig are a group of experienced addiction specialists that have years of experience with providing individuals with help for their addiction. 

Getting help at the right rehab that makes you feel safe and secure is an important part of the recovery process. Click here to see information about their rehab programme. Read here.

How has rehab centres made it safe for people to get help?

All rehab centres do their best to ensure the safety of everyone who works or visits their facilities by doing routine testing and encouraging people to socially distance where it is possible.

Many rehab centres are also now doing their best to limit physical appointments with potential patients by relying on video calling software – such as Skype and Zoom.

Don’t put off getting addiction help

Please refer to here for free NHS information and resources on getting help for addiction