Stress on a short term basis is not always bad for us. It motivates and spurs us on to do a good job and reach targets, however in the long term is bad news. When you get worn out it is very difficult to pick yourself up again.
It is our adrenal glands that buffer and enable us to cope with life’s ups and downs. These glands, located just about the kidneys give us the capacity to perform and adapt to demands. It is also the adrenal glands that enable us to go beyond our usual limits of endurance when needed and help us to recover. Our wellbeing depends on our adrenals to produce adequate amounts of various hormones in particular, cortisol.
Cortisol is essential as, amongst other functions, it stimulates the liver to produce more glucose, the primary fuel for energy in the body and it helps maintain emotional stability. However, in excess, cortisol lowers the ability of each cell in the body to use glucose as fuel, thus reducing energy, and raises blood sugar levels, which in the long term may lead to obesity and diabetes. Cortisol also has a diminishing effect on the immune system so that those under chronic are more likely to get ill.
We can put on our bodies in different ways other than emotional and psychological ; the food we eat, the chemicals we expose our bodies to and the water we drink all play a part in adding further to the body. Food allergies and intolerances for example put a huge strain on the digestive system, and airborne allergies can put on the lungs. Chemical exposure through mercury fillings, pesticides, carbon monoxide, alcohol, caffeine and prescription or recreational drugs put immense on the liver which may in turn lead to other health problems.
Bioresonance works to detect and detoxify physical ors whilst supporting the hormone function of the body to reduce overall . Working to desensitise allergies and intolerances whilst supporting with proper nutrition gives the body a chance to heal itself. Bioresonance also uses thousands of energetic patterns known to balance emotionally to get to the root of the problem and improve all manner of health conditions.

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“Usually after a long day of looking after landlord’s properties and tenants I am totally exhausted. After the treatment I was totally reenergised and no longer felt washed out. Paul also suggested the correct vitamins to help control the and replenish my energy levels. Thank you Paul.”

Brigitte at Gateway Letting