WE USE THE MOST EFFECTIVE DETOXIFICATION BIORESONANCE MACHINE WITH BRASS BALL ELECTRODES – the media reported 90% success for stop smoking due to the results from this machine. Other clinics who claim the same success rates may not be using this machine.

Nicotine has an electromagnetic charge over your body which stimulates the craving to smoke. Bioresonance therapy inverts the energy patterns of nicotine which are then passed to the body via electrodes.  This process produces phase cancellation which means that the electromagnetic charge of nicotine is reduced. This makes it easier for the body to eliminate nicotine over the next 24 hours and your cravings dramatically reduce as your body detoxifies.

Additionally, the phase cancellation removes the energetic pattern of nicotine from the body, erasing the ‘memory’ of nicotine which effectively reduces the cravings. This differs from giving up smoking via the ‘cold turkey’ method where your body still hangs on to the memory of nicotine which means you are still left with the physical and emotional craving to smoke. Mentally you need to prepare yourself for changing the routines and habit patterns that you associate with smoking.   At our clinic we are unique in the fact that we offer a holistic approach, using bioresonance and nutritional therapy, which has successfully helped thousands to quit smoking.   Click here to find out more about Bioresonance Therapy.

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