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Click here to watch The BBC report on our 90% Success for Stop smoking and how easy it is to QUIT!

The BBC and Richard and Judy Reported 
9 out of 10 people give up smoking with FVFL

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You can also quit smoking easily using nicotine frequency patterns ( BIORESONANCE) to neutralise your cravings. For years we have seen people walking out of our clinic with success in getting rid of their habit and feeling great. You have the opportunity to do the same.

 “Nicotine seemed to be coming out of every pore since then I have often been in the company of chain-smoking journalists, but not once have I felt the urge to light up.”
Nina Goswani, Journalist, Sunday Telegraph


-the media reported 90% success for due to the results from this machine. Other clinics claiming the same success using bioresonance may not be using the same machine.

FVFL is the clinic that received the media’s attention for using bioresonance and nutrition to help and help many health conditions, including allergies.

Watch talk about the success of bioresonance therpay and how effective it is to help as well as treating allergies.

Having treated over 4000 smokers we offer a unique holistic approach to helping you to quit smoking.
  • 90% success with Quit Smoking
  • Treatment takes just one hour
  • Drug free, Painless, Non invasive

We offer tailor made advice taking into account your individual health needs.  Our treatment plan includes:-

  • Friendly approachable therapists offering advice every step of the way.
  • We realise that quitting smoking is a big step and can be very stressful. If you are nervous about taking this step we can help to put you at ease, with extensive experience in helping people quit smoking.
  • Pre-appointment – advice and protocol to help your body detoxify
  • During appointment – As qualified nutritional therapists we are aware that smoking may result in nutritional deficiencies which may have a knock on affect in other areas of your health. We can offer advice on any existing health conditions you may have during your appointment.
  • Relaxation technique given during the treatment.
  • Post-appointment – advice for continued detoxification and a healthier lifestyle

Read more about how bioresonance and nutrition helps you to .

Also read how bioresonance was discovered to help allergies and chronic health conditions. Take the next step to a healthier life, Call us on 0800 247 1997 to discuss how we can help you further or fill in our enquiry form.  Or why not book a free health and stress check to assess how we can help you beat your addiction.

Read what our clients say:

“I stopped smoking 2 years and 12 days ago and from the minute I finished the treatment I have not smoked or even wanted to smoke. I feel much fitter than I have for a long time”  
 Michael Dennis  Read more testimonials
Pre-appointment information:

In preparation, we ask you to follow some simple detox guidelines for a few days prior to your appointment. We ask that you drink 2 litres of water and avoiding caffeine and alcohol – it is also very important to follow these guidelines for a few days after your treatment. Full pre-appointment information will be sent out to you once an appointment is booked.

“Dedicated to helping you quit smoking easily”  

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