We realise that it is not always convenient to be able to travel to our clinic, so we are glad to be able to offer a telephone consultation.   If you decided that you would like a telephone consultation we would first ask you to fill in our questionnaire and send it back along with a small lock of hair.  Once this is received we will schedule a time to talk to you about your questionnaire and to discuss a way to help you support your health condition through nutrition and bioresonance.

You may be recommended a course of supplements which will help, if these are recommended they will be charged separately and discussed during your consultation. We then also create an e-capsule using your hair sample, this will then be sent to you and we will ask you to wear this close to you, for example in your pocket.   An e-capsule emits healing frequency patterns tailor made to your individual needs with the bioresonance machine.  The healing from the e-capsule does last for many months, but as your body is constantly changing so will your treatment needs, so we do suggest further top-up session for the e-capsule.  

FVFL practitioners are qualified in Nutrition and Bioresonance Therapy, please call 0845 671 0160 to discuss how we can help improve your specific health problem.