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Hayfever is an oversensativity of the immune system to pollen. This occurs if the body has an overburdened immune sytstem, which may be the result of low grade infections, such as candida fungal infections, and or toxins afftecting your health. At FVFL we use bioresonance therapy to detect and stimulate, infections & toxins to be elimnated from the body. Nutritional supplements and dietary advice is also given to help the body to detoxify. The results produced are amazing, reducing the allergic symptoms, and also year on year people have noticed that they suffer less and less. We recomend seasonal detox sessions for all clients to maintain their health, and in particular for any one that has recurring health issues like hayfever.

Stress may also play a big part in recurring health issues & hayfever, and Bioresonance and Nutrition can play a big part in helping you recover from stressful situations.