Hope for boy with severe .

About nut allergies
A food allergy is an immune system response to a food that the body thinks is harmful. Nut allergies are one of the most common allergies and can cause severe reactions. Very sensitive people can react to tiny amounts. For example, even being close to someone else eating nuts can be enough to make them react. 
Olivers story by his mother

About Oliver

Oliver, age 3 ½ was an unwell child, constantly suffering from chest infections. Despite continuous antibiotics, they kept coming back. On holiday he’d suffered a severe reaction to nuts where he had trouble breathing. Carrying and Epi-pen everywhere as one contact with nuts could be life threatening. Louisa, Oliver’s mother, was really frightened and began searching for a solution. This is when we discovered FVFL allergy clinic.
The treatment
The first appointment was an allergy test. It revealed that Oliver had several food intolerances including cow’s milk and gluten as well as an underlying yeast infection. It was explained to us that these things could possibly knock his immune system and weaken his body. We were advised to go on a strict diet to dramatically cut down on these foods. This was a big shock, but we were advised on alternative foods and meal suggestions that Oliver liked.
Gradually over several weeks of nutrition and bioresonance therapy to help desensitise his allergies, we began to see a shift. One thing that was really apparent was the change in Oliver’s behaviour. We hadn’t put the two together, but as his health improved his behaviour, which had never been good, also improved.
His chestyness improved dramatically. Before when he got a cold it would go straight to his chest where it would be difficult to shift. Now it does not go to his chest and there has been no need for antibiotics.
After only a few treatments his reaction was not as severe. When Oliver came across pine nuts, he only had a few lumps come up around his mouth whereas before the whole face would be affected, and this time I was not worried. 

He is definitely much healthier and as time goes on he gets stronger and stronger.