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Treatment of the Month

 Bio Resonance

“Can a machine really help to eliminate toxins, reduce cravings, boost your immune system and banish allergies all at the same time?  It can if it’s a hi-tech scientific device called bioresonance therapy.   My therapist Paul hooked me up to the machine by attaching electrodes to acupressure points on my wrists and ankles so it could analyse energy wave patterns in my body. This revealed health issues such as excess candida, pollen allergies and dairy intolerance.  She then set about cancelling out their negative energy frequencies, while explaining that cells in our bodies resonate at specific electromagnetic frequencies.  Toxic substances such as infections, chemicals and heavy metals can alter the body’s normal pattern of resonating harmonisoulsy.  The removal of these toxic frequencies corrects these subtle energies and brings back good health.   This is achieved by matching the energy patterns of the toxin with the exact mirror image to negate its energy.  The therapy has seen impressive results treating chronic ill health, addictions, allergies and even emotional issues.  What’s more, its backed up by nutritional advice and therapy so you really are getting a full body MOT.  Definitely worth a shot”.
Editor –  Emma Van Hinsbergh
Natural Health Magazine June 2009.