FVFL clinic quite literally put bioresonance therapy on the map of the world, with the success of our unique approach being reported by Channel 4s Richard & Judy show, BBC News 24 and the Sunday Telegraph and now Natural Health Magazine.

Natural Health magazine features FVFL Clinic in its ‘Treatment of the Month’ section.

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Love it magazine features an fantastic story of how one of our clients quit smoking

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Nina Goswami tells her story about quitting smoking with FVFL.

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Martin Lenon explains bioresonance therapy.

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BBC Reported how 9 out 10 people can stop smoking at FVFL 

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Richard and Judy discuss the success of bioresonance therapies.

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Graham tells us how he quit
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>Croydon Guardian Quit Smoking Feature

>Holy smoke Quit Smoking and save £92,000

> Introduces Bioresonance 

>A law of physics used to treat allergies and to stop smoking

>Asian Eye – a new method of quit smoking that works

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