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ME (Chronic Fatigue)
Chronic fatigue syndrome is often diagnosed on the basis of symptoms of which do not have any explanation. In fact many physicians still do no recognise this diagnosis, though the symptoms are very real. They include profound tiredness, mental fogginess, poor concentration, depression, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, headaches, sleep that does not refresh, muscle and joint aches, feverishness, painful and swollen lymph glands, and recurrent flu-like symptoms. Not all of these complaints may be present.
The following factors may predispose and individual to CF syndrome; stress, working too hard, adrenal exhaustion, under active thyroid, chemical sensitivity (such as mercury toxicity, or exposure to cleaning products, car fumes etc), digestive imbalances including IBS and allergies, non-food allergies and intolerances including asthma, hay fever and sensitivities to moulds, poor diet with nutrient deficiencies in particular magnesium, excess refined foods, caffeine, alcohol, fast food and sugar.
Before commencing complementary treatment, your doctor should rule out known disorders that could cause the symptoms mentioned above.
Bioresonance can help to detect and detox problems substances, allergies and intolerances to assist the body in its healing. Bioresonance uses thousands of frequency patterns of remedies known to help decrease stress and support the body. Good nutrition is vital to provide proper nutrient intake to improve this condition.

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