Richard and Judy investigated Bioresonance and found it works for QUIT SMOKING and ALLERGIES!

Alistair Philips head of Power Watch from an independent organisation with a central role in electromagnetic field and microwave radiation research and the health debate – he said – it looks to me as if it works (bioresonance) he also said that we should check out its affects on children with eczema its having remarkable results…and allergies.
watch the video and read the transcript.

Clients who Stop Smoking EASILY with FVFL

Sunday Telegraph Journalist Quits with FVFL

“Nicotine seemed to be coming out of every pore since then I have often been in the company of chain-smoking journalists, but not once have I felt the urge to light up.”

Nina Goswani, Journalist, Sunday Telegraph

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We stopped smoking with FVFL!

“My son and I were both heavy smokers and had tried various methods to stop smoking but never managed to kick the habit. We really cannot believe that after one session of treatment at the FVFL Clinic, we are both nicotine-free! What was more astonishing was how easy the whole process was – the nicotine cravings disappeared immediately!! An absolute miracle!”

Lesley and Neil Hannan, Bradford

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I stopped smoking with FVFL!

I saw the feature on Richard and Judy and considered trying it. After many attempts over 40 years to try to quit smoking, nothing had been successful for long.

I was sceptical that this method could work but I am pleased to say I have been proved wrong. This treatment was not painful and although many people have asked me why this has worked where other methods have not, I could not explain to them how incredible it was.

Although there were initially some cravings, these passed and I could control them whereas before I couldn’t.
Since October 2005, my taste buds are more sensitive and my food in more enjoyable. I am fit and more active than I have ever been. I don’t have ridiculous coughing fits in the morning anymore and it goes without saying that since July 2007 I don’t have to consider standing outside restaurants and buildings to sneak a cigarette.

It doesn’t bother me to be around other smokers and even now I get pleasure in turning down a cigarette when offered one. Without any doubt this was one of the best things I have done and money well spent.
I’d tell anyone to try it, it will improve your life and what have you got to lose?

Mrs Hodgkinson March 2008

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I stopped smoking with FVFL!

I came to your clinic on 23 February to QUIT SMOKING. It worked. I haven’t had a ‘fag’ since. The first three days I sucked packets of TicTac mints – I don’t think it was because I NEEDED a ‘fag’ more the fact that I WANTED a ‘fag’. I’ve had the odd occasion where I fancy a ‘fag’ but I haven’t given in. So it’s nine months now. Not bad for a lady who’d smoked 40 plus ‘fags’ a day for over 40 years, eh! Prior to coming to you I’d tried and failed several times. I’d tried hypnosis and that didn’t work. Then the patches on a few occasions and didn’t last more than a few hours!

Ms Farrow November 2007

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