Psoriasis is the massive increase in the rate of replication of the cells of the skin. It is often congenital and often has arthritic implications. Psoriasis appears to be caused by the formation of toxic amino acids interrupting the normal balance of the factors responsible for skin-cell replication. The responsibility for this may lie in impaired liver function, inefficient protein digestion or an imbalance of gastrointestinal microflora. Alcohol usage must also be taken into account.

Bioresonance treatment can be focussed on detoxifying the body by stimulating the organs of elimination and through the use of supplements and changes in diet. Testing will be done to identify possible food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies for which an appropriate diet plan can be tailored. Through these methods we have had great success in treating psoriasis and a number of other skin condition.

Case Study

This patient had psoriasis on his back and chest, nose, cheeks and eyebrows. He also suffered from mouth ulcers and cold sores for over a year. He had visited his Doctor and received medication but the condition recurred. Two months of treatment cleared his skin and he lost weight. A year later he called to say the condition had not recurred. Mr H., Age 24

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