Pain is an ‘inflammatory’ condition – pain sites are where toxic substances have accumulated, creating inflammation. To ‘release’ the pain, the toxins must be eliminated which can be done through a combination of bioresonance and nutritional therapy. The energy patterns of inflammation are picked up by electrodes and rectifying energy patterns are returned to the area of pain. This process reduces the intensity of the pathogenic energy patterns which in turn, reduces the pain.

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FVFL helped me with my severe BACK PAIN!

I have suffered pain since age 18. After 4yrs of mistreatment, as I would call it, my consultant said the pain was not in my back but in my mind. The old consultant left and I got a new one, Dr B, my husband wrote a letter and he immediately asked me to come and see him. He actually pinpointed the pain in my back and after a scan it was diagnosed that 3 of the bottom vertebrae were rotting away. An immediate major operation was performed to remove the bottom vertebrae. The op gave me immediate relief of that crippling pain, and although I had a little pain left, I was happy that I was able to do things that I couldn’t do before.

Nine years later the pain came back. I went back to hospital and saw Dr B who passed me on to consultant C at the district general hospital. Consultant C gave me a scan and it was then that it was diagnosed that my spine was bent, hence the crushing pain. The consultant said I might need to graph bone to the spine, but I refused to have the operation.

After that I tried physiotherapy, exercise, acupuncture and chiropractors but there was no difference. In the end my GP was told by the consultant that I would have to live with the pain. I was in tears and couldn’t speak. I was on morphine and it was doing no good.

At this point I was introduced to Paul through a friend and had a bioresonance treatment and lots of supplements. When I came for treatment I didn’t believe it would work but as I’d tried everything before, I thought why not give it a go. After the first treatment, I could feel myself getting better, I had 5 or 6 treatments and the pain was completely gone. For the first time in my life I knew how a pain free back felt. Then I went on holiday straight after the treatment and I climbed a mountain, and that is how much difference the treatment has made. I have been free of pain for 2 years. I come back to the clinic for top up treatments when I need them.  Bioresonance works for me.

Fauzia Malik, Eastbourne