Hayfever is a seasonal allergic reaction to specific airborne pollens or fungal spores. Food allergies may play an important role in predisposing to Hayfever. A leaky gut can sometimes be the core of the problem. Bioresonance may detect and desensitise food allergies and intolerances that may be the underlying cause of the problem. Coupled with proper nutritional support through and appropriate diet and supplement protocol will have the best results.

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“Well it looks like all your hard efforts with my treatments have paid off.  After my last treatment my nose has been brilliant, no sneezing and a massive snot reduction…eyes still a bit sore, but…So, thank you! Stomach is also totally sorted after stopping taking the anti-histamine and upping the minerals. All good, I think I will bring some leaves from my garden as suggested for my hayfever desensitisation next spring!”  

Phoebe, Kent.

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