Gout is a type of Arthritis causing intense pain in the joints as a result of the crystallisation of Uric Acid. Initial pain is invariably in a toe or foot. However, crystallisation also occurs in soft tissue and can cause permanent damage particularly to kidneys. The primary considerations are to avoid foods that promote uric acid in the body, whilst offering nutritional support through proper diet and supplements may help alleviate this condition. Bioresonance can detect problem foods and speed up the recovery process.

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“I found out about bio-resonance from an article in a German health magazine. Someone had so many allergies that she could not eat out at all and this therapy had completely cured her. It was some time before I found out where I could get the same therapy in this country where there are apparently only twenty therapists.

I have had bio-resonance treatment from FVFL and have now been cured of all my allergies. Apart from this, the whole body has been checked and I have been found to be too acid, I am now on a diet of 25% acid foods and 75% alkaline foods. My energy level has risen considerably and is very good for my age of 85. I also had two attacks of gout about ten years ago and have been on allopurinal tablets ever since. I have now been able to drop the tablets without any ill effects. Finally, I am more satisfied with this treatment than any other and would recommend it to anyone in any kind of ill health.”

J. Goodger Age 85