A state of abnormally low vitality ranging from mild tiredness to utter exhaustion. Fatigue usually serves as a signal of an underlying physical, mental, or emotional disorder. It is important to visit your doctor to rule out anaemia or another more serious reason for your fatigue. Once this is ruled out, there are many underlying causes for this condition including excessive use of sugar and stimulants, hypothyroidism, poor digestion and absorption, toxicity, sluggish liver, heavy metals, hidden and chronic infections or allergies. Other factors could include depression, poor stress management, poor sleep quality, structural problems and chronic pain. Bioresonance and nutrition can detect and correct imbalances, whilst nourishing the body in order to heal.

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FVFL Helped me with my Chronic Fatigue

I came to FVFL after being ill with chronic fatigue for over a year, I was suffering aches and pains and had absolutely zero energy. I had to have a long time off school and worried about getting back on track and passing my exams so I could eventually go to university. At the age of 16, my energy was terribly low and I was constantly tired, I felt things weren’t improving on their own.

The first treatment at FVFL detected several food intolerances and sensitivities. I was advised to avoid these foods so as to not put any extra load on an already weakened immune system. Special supplements were also prescribed to assist my body in healing itself. After the treatment I was very tired for 3-4 days and then gradually got a little better. Following the diet was not too difficult though I did feel like I missed out on some foods I love, but my mum and dad were fantastic and made an effort to give me a variety of foods that I enjoyed.
By the fourth session my energy levels had significantly improved. I wasn’t jumping around just yet but I did feel able to socialise a bit more with my friends.  My sleeping patterns had also improved and I was sleeping deeper and waking up more refreshed. My muscles no longer felt so weak and aching, and the headaches I suffered were now very rare.
By the sixth session my energy levels had gone up one more gear and my mood felt brighter. Falling asleep was easier also. It was difficult to stick to the diet but as I was feeling better I had a few treats now and then.
My health has definitely been turned around and is now moving in the right direction. I continue to have monthly top up sessions and stick to eating healthy foods as much as possible. By next year I should be back to my usual self just in time to go to university.

Jonathon Edwards – Wimbledon

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