This is an inflammatory condition of the skin that is intensely itchy. Food allergies need to be identified in order to get to the root cause of the problem. Allergy testing and desensitisation on the bioresonance machine is extremely successful in treating this and all skin conditions.

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“After just 5 sessions my son’s Eczema had cleared”  Watch Eczema Video Testimonial 

BEFORE TREATMENT                                                     AFTER TREATMENT


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This baby suffered eczema from the age of three months. Her Doctor had prescribed steroid and other creams but nothing seemed to help. Her eczema was very weepy and her mother was understandably distressed. Within one month of Nutritional Therapy there was great improvement: the baby’s skin was dry and most of her body looked healthy except for slight patches behind her knees. One more month of Nutritional Therapy concluded the treatment to the parents’ satisfaction.
Baby McD., Age 18 months.

Before and after picture of 3 year old with eczema.

This patient suffered from large patches of red, infected and very dry skin. He also suffered from asthma, hayfever and recurring headaches.After two treatments, redness of the skin had disappeared. He gradually improved in all the other symptoms he suffered, while it was necessary to make only a few changes in his normal diet.
Mr M., Age 33

Before and after picture of male with eczema


At the age of 3 Tarika Vadgama suffered from dry skin and puffed up cheeks and as the years went by eczema type symptoms seemed to spread over her whole body, especially covering her joints, hands and legs. Tarkia’s mother, Neeta said’It just went on and on, her body was sometimes totally covered’. They tried many different types of therapy: Chinese herbal medicine, soaking the skin in herbs and taking herbs orally. Medicines from abroad, a private doctor, lotions and potions and strong creams from the doctor and many courses of antibiotics which seemed to make it even worse.

When Tarika first came for treatment, she was in a very severe state. Everything seemed to trigger a reaction, producing itchy, raw, sore dry skin all over her body. At one stage she found it hard to wear clothes as they would irritate terribly, and the greatest efforts were made to only use cotton garments.

After the first treatment everything seemed to be going well. Paul prescribed a strict diet in order to eliminate any possible irritants from foods. Vitamin and mineral supplements were recommended and a gentle cream for the dry skin. After the second treatment Tarika experienced a severe reaction to the detoxification treatment done by the bioresonance machine. Her symptoms escalated and became even worse than before. She wasn’t able to go to school for one and a half weeks. Neeta was worried and thought about going back to the doctors to be given more antibiotics, Paul reassured her that it was just a reaction to the detoxification process and the body would begin to heal itself.

Now after 6 treatments, Tarika’s skin is much improved. She now can sleep better at night as the itching no longer keeps her awake. The dry, itchy skin has almost completely gone, and she seems a completely different girl. Neeta says,’the vicious cycle has been broken, Tarkia’s is getting stronger and stronger and is no longer reacting to everything’.  Your therapist will advise avoidance of common food allergens during treatment.