Ear ache is caused by inflammation of the middle ear or otitis media. They are more common in children because the eustachian tube, which normally adjusts the pressure in the middle ear and drains the fluid from it, is affected. In children this tube is much shorter than in adults and more likely to get clogged. The most common predisposing cause for a blocked tube is food allergy. Then, infection caused by either a virus or bacteria sets in. Because the tube is short, the infectious agent can easily travel along it into the middle ear where it collects, producing a sticky fluid that prevents the eardrum and middle ear bones from vibrating freely, thus inhibiting hearing. Usually if a middle ear infection is caused by a virus, it will clear up of its own accord, but if it’s caused by bacteria, it will require antibiotics. Allergies are one of the major predisposing causes. Whether you are allergic to dust, dairy products, or pollen, once you or your child’s respiratory passages become clogged in reaction to an allergen, they’re more liable to harbour infection.

In a recent study presented to the American College of Allergy and Immunology, 104 children who suffered from frequent, serious ear infections were tested for allergies, and 78 percent were shown to have specific food allergies. After eliminating the offending food from the diet for eleven weeks, improvement was seen in 70 out of 81 children. This argues for trying to prevent allergies from developing in children by breast-feeding for as long as is possible (assuming that the mother avoids foods that she’s allergic to during pregnancy and lactation), avoiding common allergenic foods during the first nine months of life including wheat, eggs, and dairy foods, and carefully introducing new foods into the child’s diet while watching for adverse reactions.

If you or your child has recurring ear infections, you should check to determine if an allergy is the cause. In my experience, milk, cheese, and eggs are the most common culprits. Wheat, corn, oranges, and peanut butter are also common allergies.   There are any number of children who live on peanut butter on whole-wheat bread, raisins, and endless amounts of fruit juice, and if these children have a tendency to allergies, they’re eating the worst possible diet for encouraging recurring ear infections.

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