Depression is characterised by negative thoughts and feelings. There are many natural therapies for depression and here at FVFL we will take a comprehensive case and choose the best complimentary treatments for you. Symptoms of depression may range from loss of appetite or excessive appetite, increased addictions particularly a greater use of drugs and alcohol, insomnia or excessive sleep, social withdrawal and suicidal thoughts. The emotions may be chronic low esteem or utter despondency. Genetic or life circumstances may trigger mental illness or depression, or there may be other factors which could affect your mental state.

These factors may be food allergies, chemical hypersensitivity and heavy metal toxicity. Nutritional deficiencies, low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia) and low thyroid function may also be related to feeling low and depressed. Some people require more sunlight than that available in dark winter months, and lack of exercise can also contribute to depression.

The conventional approach may be with pharmaceutical drugs. At FVFL we adopt a drug free approach but are happy to work alongside conventional anti-depressant drugs prescribed by your doctor. Our nutritional approach would be to help balance the deficient nutrients, which are assessed by observation and questioning about your health and by testing on the bioresonance machine. This method of testing can also identify food allergies and other toxins.

A program for detoxification can be implemented by a change in diet and the addition of specific nutritional supplements. Self-help tips would be to start a program for stretching exercise to increase lymphatic flow, which is the cleaning system of the body. Increase fresh fruit and vegetables in diet, especially beetroot, sea vegetables and dark green vegetables like broccoli and sprouts. Control blood sugar levels by eating nutritious food like porridge oats, chickpeas, lentils, and other whole foods like pearl barley, millet and buckwheat.

Reduce the intake of fizzy drinks with caffeine, coffee, fast foods, sweets and fried food. Low thyroid function is often not low enough for conventional treatment – this can be checked by your Doctor, but may be low enough to cause depression and other symptoms such as always feeling cold and tired. Try the yoga exercise of standing on your head – use a wall for support if needed – and do not try if you are not fit enough, or lay on the floor and push up your legs as high as possible with your hands so only your head and shoulders are touching the floor – again do not attempt if you are not physically able.

These exercises help to tone up the thyroid gland. During your treatment we will discuss the treatments which would be best suited for you to help beat your depression using bioresonance and nutritional therapy.

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