A persistent cough (unrelated to smoking) can be a symptom of many conditions. Once the more serious have been ruled out by your doctor, other factors to consider are as follows; some medications list a cough as a side effect. Exposure on a regular basis to pollutants or chemicals, for example cleaning products, car fumes, and other chemicals at work may cause a cough. A cough may be the product of acid reflux or heart burn as the stomach acid refluxing may irritate the airways. Certain allergies; airborne or food intolerances may also cause a cough. Bioresonance therapy can test for and treat airborne or food allergies, and treat acid reflux and heartburn. Coupled with good diet and supplement advice will give the most success.

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FVFL helped my husband’s 20 Year cough!

My husband visited the clinic as he had had an allergic cough for over 20 years. An allergy testing session suggested foods to avoid and provided some supplements which have helped in reducing the cough to a negligible level. Many thanks for your help – he might come for some bio-resonance now!
Brian, Essex