Candida is a naturally occurring yeast organism that inhabits the gastrointestinal tract. In a healthy person it is quite normal, however when the gut flora of someone becomes unbalanced (dysbiosis) perhaps due to the overuse of antibiotics or steroids, or in cases of severe stress on the body’s defences, this may result in this yeast overgrowing and creating an environment which allows it to thrive at the expense of a number of important dietary functions including the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. The overgrowth may also increase the acidity of the gut and impair digestive enzyme production. As you can imagine, if this state is prolonged it may result in a whole array of different deficiency related symptoms from skin complaints, insomnia and depression to reproductive problems. Once Candida has altered the pH of the intestines, the beneficial bacteria can no longer survive and crucial metabolic reactions that they once carried out fail to take place. This may result in bloating, indigestion, acidity, wind and food or chemical sensitivities. Bioresonance can detect and correct a Candida overgrowth, supported with a specific diet and supplement program can strengthen the digestive tract against reoccurrence.

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Candida and Heavy Metal Toxicity Testimonial

‘For a number of years I suffered from various symptoms and for a long time I had no idea what the cause was. These included stomach pains, bloating, intermittent constipation, insomnia, and painful menstruation. I decided I needed to seek professional help and had heard about bioresonance. It was suspected I had candida, a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals, and a build up of mercury and copper in my system. I was given diet sheets which I followed strictly in combination with bioresonance treatment weekly for 6 weeks.

The candida had gone within a month of my first appointment which I found a great relief. My energy improved a lot after that, but I felt definite improvement when the mercury and copper were cleared from my system also using the bioresonance machine. It was a quick recovery after being unwell for so long and I have continued to feel better. I now feel confidant about maintaining my health.’

Ms K. McBride, London