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Babies are born with a very weak immune system which is strengthened by breast feeding, this is the best way to feed your baby, preferably to age six months. If this is not possible in certain circumstances then formula milk is introduced. However, most formula milk contains whey protein which comes from cows milk. The protein from cows milk can potentially cause an allergic reaction in babies and ought to be avoided in the first 12 months of life. Symptoms of allergy in your baby can include symptoms such as eczema, asthma, recurring ear infections, cough, nasal congestion, colic and continuous crying.

To help ease these symptoms we can recommend very specific nutritional supplements that can be prescribed for very young babies. These are mineral salts which are completely safe and can be crushed into a powder for dissolving in water or adding to a small quantity of food.

Cows milk intolerance can be tested with Bioresonance which uses electromagnetic energy waves to detect allergies. The cows milk allergy can be desensitised for a baby using Bioresonance therapy, it is completely safe and extremely successful. Simply eliminating cows milk will soon show health improvements in a child with health problems. Occasionally symptoms may get worse before they get better, for example the eczema or asthma may get worse. With asthma you must continue with any prescribed medicine and work closely with your Doctor, but this should not discourage you from trying to eliminate cows milk to help your baby’s health.

The best alternative for very young babies is Nanny goats milk powder formula or fresh goats milk diluted to start with and going on to normal strength.

While breast feeding avoid eggs, fish, nuts and milk and avoid exposure to very dusty environments, cats, cigarette smoke and be very cautious about the introduction of foods. Childhood allergies are often related to cows milk, soya, peanuts, egg white, fish, wheat, oats, barley, rye and oranges. The safest foods for the first 12 months of life are goats milk, and after six months introduce:

  • Pureed vegetables (except potatoes, tomatoes, red and green pepper and aubergine )
  • Pureed fruits (except oranges)
  • Ground seeds
  • Pulses and beans mashed (except soya )
  • Hard boiled egg yolk
  • Meat and poultry, very small portions, mashed (no pork, bacon, sausage or any pork product or any cured meats)
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FVFL helped my baby sleep!

Just to let you know that there is good news regarding David’s sleeping and general well-being after his treatment! He slept Monday night 12 hours, and the same Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have been at work the past three days, and of course my childminder never seems to have any difficulties with him, but I would say his disposition is much improved too! Last night for dinner, he ate all his vegetables, and some fruit and also some pasta (wheat free of course) I have never seen him eat so much in one sitting, so I’m impressed. Many thanks to you and we will see you Monday week for his next appointment.

Louise Cowley, Middlesex


My son, 4 years old, has been allergic to milk and could not tolerate any products with milk. When he had one spoonful of yoghurt he developed a rash all over his face and hands. He was so bad that even if I kissed him after having a cup of tea with milk he would developed the rash. I heard about Bicom Bioresonance Therapy from a friend of mine in Poland. Her son was allergic to milk and then cured by Bicom.

The treatments are very popular in Poland. I started searching the web and that is how I discovered Vita Health Clinic and Paul and I am so happy about it. My son is getting better and better. He had 3 treatments and he can tolerate so many products with milk now. I even give him some chocolate (from time to time, only because Paul advised me to introduce products with milk slowly), and he gets some cheese every day now without any reactions. He also used to be allergic to cashew nuts and Bicom cleared it completely.

He used to suffer from eczema as well, but after the treatments he hardly ever gets any skin problems and I do not have to use any of the steroids creams any more. I would definitely recommend Bicom Bioresonance Therapy to anybody with any food allergy. It used to be so stressful for me to send my son to any Birthday parties or to friends for lunch, I can relax now.

Eva White, Orpington


‘When Matthew was a baby, he suffered from eczema, stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Through elimination and testing, he was diagnosed with severe allergies to milk, soya, and egg. We were also told to avoid yeast extract and citrus fruit. His symptoms were severe diarrhoea, his bottom would blister and bleed. The smallest quantity of any of the above would be enough to make him ill. He had to carry an Epi-pen in case he had an anaphylactic reaction. His diet was very restricted and we had to be extremely careful at all times, to check what was in the food he ate.

Following the Bioresonance treatment at FVFL Clinic, we have begun to slowly introduce milk, soya and egg into his diet. Although his initial skin tests showed a positive reaction, he has undergone further testing, under hospital conditions, and has presented no reaction to any of the foods. It is so wonderful to see him tasting and enjoying foods that other children simply take for granted.’

Joanna, Kent

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