Autism is a neurological disorder. It is thought that in certain cases there might be a genetic predisposition to autism which may run in families. Whether there is a predisposition to autism or not, there may be certain ‘triggers’ that can set it off. These could be problems in pregnancy and birth, viral infections, exposure to certain environmental chemicals or pollutants, digestive abnormalities or even allergies to certain foods (e.g. dairy and gluten). There are suggestions that autism may be caused by a reaction to childhood vaccines, but research needs to be done in this area. There are many different theories about the best course of treatment for autism, and what ever treatment is chosen, the earlier it begins the better the chances the child will be helped. Alongside specialised education and speech therapy, dietary intervention may improve the function of autistic people, and many parents have reported a marked improvement after a program of nutritional supplements. There are also a number of clinical studies which strongly support the use of vitamin and mineral supplementation. As nutrition is so vital for brain development, it stands to reason that an appropriate diet and supplement program may have a positive impact. There is also some suggestion that autistic symptoms can be caused as a result of digestive malabsorption and intolerances to certain foods in particular dairy products and glutinous grains, and remarkable changes have been reported after the elimination of these foods and the desensitisation of these intolerances by using bioresonance.

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