A condition causing skin inflammation, spots and blemishes, usually affecting the face, back, shoulders and chest. It is most common in adolescents but can also affect adults. Acne is the manifestation of an internal imbalance. Many topical treatments are available to alleviate the symptoms but until the underlying, internal cause is addressed the problem may simply reoccur. Diet and nutritional deficiencies can often be the culprit in acne conditions, as can food intolerances.

At FVFL we will look at identifying the root causes using nutritional analysis and bioresonance testing. When irritants to the system are removed such as allergies/intolerances and nutritional deficiencies corrected, this can then help to improve your skin.

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FVFL helped me clear up my Skin

On returning from a trip to India I discovered I had caught Giardia from the water. My digestion was shot to pieces and as a result I had become allergic to many different foods. I always suffered from mild acne but due to my ill state of health this had become out of control and was now all over my chest, back and cheeks. I called the health clinic in desperation. Paul ran several tests that showed I had numerous food intolerances plus fungal infections in the gut. I was put on a strict diet avoiding all foods that were harmful to me and given a list of supplements to take. I had 6 sessions over the course of a few months. As each week went by my health gradually improved. My digestion stabilised and my skin began to clear up. By the 6th session my skin was even better than it had been before. I now continue with a healthy diet and top up sessions a few times a year. My health has never been so good.   Since realising the value of good eating, I have now trained as a nutritional therapist, though a good diet is always essential, Bioresonance is really what shifted my health forward.

Caroline, London