Bradford based mother and son heavy smokers want to quit. 

A 40 year old Bradford based mother smoking 40 a day worked at the Bradford Royal Infirmary.  She had been trying to stop smoking for many years.  Her son Neil 20, with a 30 a day habit, had already tried hypnotherapy and nicotine gum but was unsuccessful. 

How they found a FVFL “quit smoking” method 
Resigned to the fact that they would never find a solution until one day they were watching the Richard and Judy show.  The mother saw a “live” demonstration on how one man quit smoking using new innovative method.  The Mother and Son, after a lot of discussions finally decided to give it one last chance.    They were anxious and it was a fair journey to FVFL clinic in Croydon, as this was their last try – a lot was resting on the success of the treatment.  Their reservations were justified because many treatments had not worked.
The treatment 
After a one hour treatment at FVFL the Mother couldn’t believe that they were at last Nicotine free!!  What was more astonishing was how easy the whole process was – the nicotine cravings disappeared immediately!   For them this was an absolute miracle!!.  

They said they were amazed and these are their words “My son and I were both heavy smokers we had tried so many methods to stop smoking but never managed to kick the habit until I came to FVFL”
Now they wanted to help other people in the same predicament as themselves! 
As soon as they got back to work at the Bradford Royal Infirmary they had one mission: to spread the word of their success. Their friends were not only amazed but also motivated by the fact these two heavy smokers no longer smoked.  Many of them were so inspired by this that could not wait to be treated by FVFL
How 40 people were eager to quit!  
Within weeks the Mother and son, had 40 people all wishing to stop smoking with FVFL.   They called us to request if we would do a mobile clinic in Bradford.   We, At FVFL brought three therapists specially up to Bradford and managed to treat everyone in just one day!!.   All 40 were so pleased when 70% of their friends quit after one single treatment.   This treatment had finally changed the life of 32 people.
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