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Colloidal Silver – The Infection Killer

Colloidal Silver is an amazing alternative to Antibiotics. Biomedical research has shown that colloidal silver can help combat bacteria, virus or fungal infections. People have reported that it has been effective against:

Acne, Athleltes Foot, Thrush, Candida, Cystitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Ulcers, Cold sores, Warts, Yeast infections, Fungal infections, Tonsillitis, Colds and Flu, and much more…

It works because it is a catalyst, disabling an enzyme that many infections use for their metabolism, so they die off.

A colloid is a sub-microscopic particle suspended in a liquid medium by an electrical charge placed on each particle.
Most medication is in a crystalline state, the body converts it to a colloidal state to make it easy to absob through the gut wall.

Colloidal silver can be taken in ill health, as well as as a preventative. it can be taken orally, sprayed/or use drops/ into eyes and ears or anywhere on the body for infections.

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