A REVOLUTIONARY TREATMENT! Frequency patterns to substantially reduce addictive cravings, desensitise allergies and detoxify toxins to help improve your health.

Bioresonance therapy has been in development since the 1920s and in 1977 a German physician (Dr Franz Morell) officially launched as a proven treatment for improving acute and chronic health problems.

Bioresonance therapy deals with the hidden causes of disease and ill health by assessing and normalising energetic imbalances within the body. All matter, whether living or inert “resonate” at specific electromagnetic frequencies and this includes our bodies. In basic terms, resonate means to vibrate in harmony with the neighbouring source of energy. Toxic substances such as infections, chemicals and heavy metals can alter the body’s normal pattern of resonating. When this happens, we start to adapt to the new frequency pattern – which becomes the new “you” as long as the toxins remain in the body and this may lead to drug addictions and chronic illnesses. The removal of these toxic frequencies with will help correct the body’s subtle energy patterns, thus allowing the individual to return to their “normal” healthy status. This is acheived by a process called “phase cancellation” where the energy wave pattern of the toxin is matched with the exact mirror image, this means the electro magnetic charge of the toxin is reduced and negated allowing the immune system to deal with the toxin and detoxify.

A simple analogy is the use of sound reducing headphones which use the “phase cancellation” process: when we put on sound reducing headphones, we are able to block out the electromagnetic frequencies of the natural “noise” that is going on around us so we only tune into the new quiet “noise” that is emanating from the headphones.

The energy patterns of every substance can be picked up via cables and electrodes which are fed into our state of the art bioresonance machine – these energy patterns are then modified and presented to the body. The resulting electromagnetic patterns are used to stimulate the body into a healing process. The body does the work itself, the machine just acts as a pulse producer to kick start the process. The body will only absorb those patterns it requires to restore the natural equilibrium.

When an allergy treatment is undertaken the best results will always be acheived when the natural immune system has been strengthened and this requires the removal of any existing overburdening toxins which may be present in the body prior to the commencement of therapy. Bioresonance therapy will help stimulate the body to reduce these toxins via detoxification, aided by natural nutritional therapy designed to enhance the detox process.

Once the body has been strengthened the allergy desensitisation programme involves treatment with inverted energy patterns of the allergen to produce a process called phase cancellation to help desensitise.

Benefits of Bioresonance therapy

  • Painless
  • Natural / drug free
  • Non invasive
  • Highly successful
  • Cost effective

practitioners are qualified in Nutrition and Bioresonance Therapy, please call 0845 234 34343 to discuss how we can help improve your specific health problem or fill in our enquiry form.
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