What is therapy

1st June 2007
The Earth and everything on it is compressed energy including all living matter. Albert Einstein showed that energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. E=MC². All matter is resonating with energy.

Prof Fritze-Albert Popp vice president of the International Institute of Biophysicists discovered in the 1970s the existence of low levels of light emission from living cells named bio-photons. Conclusive evidence now supports the idea that biophotons are responsible for triggering biochemical reactions in living cells.

All living matter is emitting low level packets of light called biophotons in other words radiating light which can be called electromagnetic frequency patterns. Putting it another way everything is giving off a special frequency or signature which can be drawn as sound waves. So therefore a flower, a tree, a grain of sand, pollen, house dust each of these has an individual signature pattern.

Electromagnetic frequency patterns can be absorbed into electrodes and conducted into the device, modified and presented to the body. Electromagnetic Frequency Patterns can be called vibrations, oscillations, energy patterns. Good vibrations can be amplified and presented to the body, for example: flower remedies, herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies.

Bad vibrations can be inverted and presented to the body in the aim to produce a law of physics called phase cancellation, in order to neutralise the affect of the substance that is giving off the bad vibrations. For example: addictive substances, chemical toxins, infections and allergies.

The bodies own vibrations can also be conducted through electrodes and used for treatment. For example if you are lacking in energy, your own individualised signature pattern can be taken via electrodes, amplified then returned back to you to boost your energy.

Bad vibrations from the body i.e. pain and inflammation can also be conducted via the electrodes into the device, modified i.e. inverted and presented to the body to produce phase cancellation, and to reduce the pain or inflammation.

Bioresonance therapy has been used to help detoxify infections and toxins from the body, ultimately helping to raise the immune systems and aid in the healing process. It was during the process of working with people to help them detoxify and improve their health that it was discovered that if you detoxify a smoker for nicotine (a toxin) to help him with his general health that his nicotine cravings disappeared and that he was able to give up smoking.

Bioresonance therapy has a huge scope for helping patients with a whole variety of ailments. Every practitioner can use their medical knowledge to help patients to improve their health. The longer you work with therapy the more confident you are that the treatment can enhance the healing process together with the medical modality you already practice. There are some practitioners that are more experienced than others simply because they have worked with the therapy for a longer time, and treated more patients.

In the 1970s Dr Franz Morell and the engineer Eric Rasche developed the first instrument. Since then a number of similar devices have been produced. It is with experience and knowledge that one discovers that some are more effective than others.


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