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Allergy & Food Intolerance Test – First Consultation – to help improve many health conditions

There are many health conditions that can be related to allergies, food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies like IBS, eczema, pain, migraines and much more.  FVFL offers Allergy Tests, please read more information about allergies and food intolerances

What does our include:

– Allergy and Food Intolerance Test

– Nutritional Deficiencies Test
-Fungal Test ( allergies and food intolerances are often associated with fungal infections-like Candida-alsoknown as Thrush )
-Whole body energy and stress test- this will indicate the body systems that are in an acute or chronic status
– Nutritional Consultation
– Dietary Advice

After your Allergy Test:

Once we have determined your possible allergens, we can then work with you to help you to achieve optimum health.  Each treatment is tailored made to your individual needs and a treatment plan would normally include:

– Strengthening your body (with lifestyle advice, nutrition and bioresonance)
– Balancing your metabolism
– Balancing your immune system
– Detoxifying the body of toxic load for example fungal infections and chemical toxins which over burden the  
  immune system and may have caused you to have allergies.
– Desensitising Allergens
– Dietary Advice

FVFL practitioners are qualified in Nutrition and Bioresonance Therapy, please call 0845 234 34343 to discuss how you can improve your specific health problem, or fill in our enquiry form.  

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