Good Health Testimonials


Richard and Judy investigated Bioresonance and found it works for QUIT SMOKING and ALLERGIES!

Alistair Philips head of Power Watch from an independent organisation with a central role in electromagnetic field and microwave radiation research and the health debate – he said – it looks to me as if it works (bioresonance) he also said that we should check out its affects on children with eczema its having remarkable results…and allergies. watch the video and read the transcript

Richard and Judy, Channel 4, UK


FVFL helped me desensitise my ALLERGIES

My son, 4 years old, has been allergic to milk and cashew nuts which was diagnosed by the hospital.   I was told that he would never get rid of his cashew nut allergy.   He could not tolerate any products with milk. When he had one spoonful of yoghurt he developed a rash all over his face and hands. He was so bad that even if I kissed him after having a cup of tea with milk he would developed the rash.  We had to carry an epi-pen with us at all times for emergencies.  I heard about Bioresonance Therapy from a friend of mine in Poland. Her son was allergic to milk and then they cured him with bioresonance therapy.

The treatments are very popular in Poland. I started searching the web and that is how I discovered FVFL and Paul and I am so happy about it.  My son is getting better and better. He had 3 treatments and he can tolerate so many products with milk now. I even give him some chocolate (from time to time, only because Paul advised me to introduce products with milk slowly), and he gets some cheese every day now without any reactions. He also used to be allergic to cashew nuts and Bioresonance cleared it completely.  I told the hospital of Adam’s success but they could not understand it!  They tested him on three seperate occasions after his treatment and every single time he was clear of cashew nut allergy.

He used to suffer from eczema as well, but after the treatments he hardly ever gets any skin problems and I do not have to use any of the steroids creams any more. I would definitely recommend Bioresonance Therapy to anybody with any food allergy. It used to be so stressful for me to send my son to any Birthday parties or to friends for lunch, I can relax now.

Ewa White, Orpington


FVFL helped me with my son’s ALLERGIES

When Matthew was a baby, he suffered from eczema, stomach cramps and diarrhoea. Through elimination and testing, he was diagnosed with severe allergies to milk, soya, and egg. We were also told to avoid yeast extract and citrus fruit. His symptoms were severe diarrhoea, his bottom would blister and bleed. The smallest quantity of any of the above would be enough to make him ill. He had to carry an Epi-pen in case he had an anaphylactic reaction. His diet was very restricted and we had to be extremely careful at all times, to check what was in the food he ate.

Following the Bioresonance treatment at FVFL Clinic, we have begun to slowly introduce milk, soya and egg into his diet. Although his initial skin tests showed a positive reaction, he has undergone further testing, under hospital conditions, and has presented no reaction to any of the foods. It is so wonderful to see him tasting and enjoying foods that other children simply take for granted.’

Joanna, Kent


FVFL helped me with my WHEAT INTOLERANCE

For some years I have suffered from stiffness in my joints, clumsiness, bloating, fatigue, and a tendency to catch any bug or virus around. I could not lose weight even on a strict diet. As the years passed I felt worse until I felt irritable all the time and unable to carry out normal activities. I thought it must be my age as the symptoms I had did not fit any particular illness, I was resigned to being like this for the rest of my life. It was suggested I might have a food allergy and it seemed possible as I had other allergies.

I visited Paul at FVFL, was tested and found to be allergic to wheat and lemon as well as having a few chemicals in my system and a gut infection. My treatment consisted of a special diet, a course of tablets and treatment with the Bioresonance machine. After 3 weeks I felt wonderful, no stiffness, no bloating, and loads of energy. 3 months later I am a stone lighter, still feeling great and very grateful that I went to see Paul. I have my life back!’

Ms M Deeble, Surrey


FVFL helped me with my ALLERGIES

“Just a line to let you know for 20 years I have looked for the answer to my problem. I have tried Doctors, pills and potions, but no answers. Remember I had fluid retention, After I came to you and you told me I had a wheat intolerance, I followed a wheat free diet. My symptoms have disappeared within a week. I can’t explain how grateful I am to you Paul. I will continue to keep to the wheat free diet. Many Thanks”

Donna. Nurse, age 37


FVFL Helped me with my HAY FEVER

I am one of those unfortunate few who suffer from hayfever. The treatment I had from Paul is fantastic. It gave me a boost of energy. At the same time I found that I was allergic to meat and trout. I have since avoided foods containing these items. Paul is also a nutritionist and provided expert advice to improve my diet. Thank you.

Anthony G


FVFL helped my son’s Nut allergy

Oliver constantly suffered from chest infections and despite continuous antibiotics, they kept coming back. On holiday he’d suffered a severe reaction to nuts where he had trouble breathing. Carrying and Epi-pen everywhere as one contact with nuts could be life threatening I decided I had to do something, this is when we discovered FVFL. The first appointment was an allergy test which revealed that Oliver had several food intolerances including cow’s milk and gluten as well as an underlying yeast infection. It was explained to us that these things could possibly knock his immune system and weaken his body. We were advised to go on a strict diet to dramatically cut down on these foods. This was a big shock, but we were advised on alternative foods and meal suggestions that Oliver liked.    Gradually over several weeks of nutrition and bioresonance therapy to help desensitise his allergies, we began to see a shift. One thing that was really apparent was the change in Oliver’s behaviour. We hadn’t put the two together, but as his health improved his behaviour, which had never been good, also improved. 

His chestyness improved dramatically. Before when he got a cold it would go straight to his chest where it would be difficult to shift. Now it does not go to his chest and there has been no need for antibiotics. After only a few treatments his nut allergy reaction was not as severe. When Oliver came across pine nuts, he only had a few lumps come up around his mouth whereas before the whole face would be affected, and this time I was not worried.  He is definitely much healthier and as time goes on he gets stronger and stronger.    

Oliver age 3 by his Mother