“After the treatment I felt no symptoms what so ever, that evening I didn’t fancy a drink, and the next and the next.”  Read more

Whatever your addiction, Bioresonance and Nutritional therapy can help you

  Heroin, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Gambling, Shopping


An imbalance in your life energies may create an imbalance in behavior, such as over eating, anorexia, gambling and shopping, drugs etc.  At FVFL we use nutrition and bioresonance therapy to help balance your life energies which in turn improves and balances your behavior.  Bioresonance therapy works on the mental emotional and physical levels and we use hundreds of thousands of different kinds of frequency patterns to help mental and emotional issues.


For addictive substances we are able to reduce your cravings using bioresonance and nutritional therapy. The bioresonance machine inverts the energy patterns of the addictive substance which are then passed to the body via electrodes.

This process produces phase cancellation which means that the electromagnetic charge of the addictive substance is reduced. Therefore, it becomes easier for the body to eliminate the substance and your cravings dramatically reduce as your body detoxifies. Additionally, the phase cancellation removes the energetic pattern of the addictive substance from the body, erasing the ‘memory’ of the substance which also reduces the cravings.

This differs from giving up via the ‘cold turkey’ method where your body still hangs on to the memory which gives you the cravings. To maximise the toxin detoxification process the organs of elimination are stimulated with bioresonance frequency patterns, together with supporting you with nutrition. Withdrawal symptoms and emotional issues are minimised with Bioresonance therapy.

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Watch our “Quit for Good” video to see how quickly our treatment can reduce cravings.