10 Reasons To Quit Smoking

10 Reasons to quit Smoking

stop smoking and get healthy


Calculate how much your smoking is costing you.

10 Reasons to quit Smoking

  1. Decrease your risk of cancer- especially mouth and lung cancers
  2. Decrease your risk of heart disease
  3. Save £2000 per year and more if you smoke 20 a day or more.
  4. Reduce the risk of infertility for both men and women
  5. Reduce the risk of asthma, bronchitis for passive smokers like your children around you
  6. Reduce the risk of asthma, bronchitis and emphysema for yourself
  7. Slow down the ageing process and appearance of wrinkles
  8. Become free from the nagging addiction
  9. Breath more easily when working out, climbing stairs and general day to day activities
  10. Feel happier and healthier.

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Worried about your health?

If you are worried about your health after being smoker, the best thing to do is book a checkup with your GP.

Don’t forget to also visit a dentist. A specialist in gums, or periodontist, will be able to treat you for any gum disease as well examine your mouth for irregularities or early signs of cancer.

Find out more about gum disease here.

Do you have any tips to quit? Let us know! We’ll include the best ones on our next article.

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